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How many ounces in a wine bottle? 25.4 ounces

Let's also answer how many wine bottles are in a gallon: 5.0472.

Now that that's out of the way, let's look at all the bottle sizes and their volume in liters and ounces.

Wine bottle sizes

Bottle SizeVolume (Liters)Volume (Ounces)# of Standard Bottles
Piccolo or Split0.1875 liters6.3 ounces0.25
Half or Demi0.375 liters12.7 ounces0.5
Standard0.75 liters25.4 ounces1
Magnum1.5 liters50.7 ounces2
Jeroboam (Sparkling Wine)3 liters101.4 ounces4
Jeroboam (Still Wine)4.5 liters152.2 ounces6
Rehoboam4.5 liters152.2 ounces6
Methuselah6 liters202.8 ounces8
Salmanazar9 liters304.2 ounces12
Balthazar12 liters405.6 ounces16
Nebuchadnezzar15 liters507 ounces20

The number of liters, ounces, and bottles corresponding to bottle names and sizes.

Barrel sizes

We can also look at the number of gallons, liters, and bottles in every barrel type.

Barrel TypeBarrel Size (Gallons)Barrel Size (Liters)Bottles per Barrel
Foudre264-792 (approx.)1,000-3,0001,333-4,000 (approx.)

The number of liters, ounces, and bottles corresponding to barrles of different sizes.